• The Genius


    Education: from the latin root educere - to bring out or lead forth...

    The true goal of education has less to do with what we pour into our children, and more to do with what we help to draw out. There is a genius that resides within each one of them. And their success hinges largely on how well we help them tap into what's already there.

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  • Expedition Unknown

    Research has proven that much of what we know has to do with what we are exposed to and that knowledge is reinforced through tangible experiences. Each year, we take a group of inner-city youth on a series of enrichment trips that are designed to provide them with an opportunity for exploration and engagement with activities, events, people, and places that they would not normally be exposed to. The purpose of this program is to broaden each child’s understanding of the world and the possibilities that exist for them.

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  • Parental


    One of the foremost goals of Heroes’ Alliance is to build an army of advocates that will fight for our children and our community. It is our endeavor to put air under the wings of every child that grows up under our watch and to strengthen every parent to stand up and be the hero that their child needs.

    Join us in advocating the brightest future for our children and our city!

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  • The Seven

    Villages of Detroit

    In order for the city of Detroit to experience a real comeback, the current residents must have access to authentic Economic Empowerment. Every resident in Detroit deserves to live in a safe, clean, thriving community.

    Let's Imagine a new Detroit. . .

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This is Heroes' Alliance

Unlocking The Power of Us

The goal of Heroes’ Alliance is to build a community of resourced and empowered individuals who see and use education as a path to success. We accomplish this through a variety of avenues with a foundational understanding that the destiny of our city and its residents is in the collective hands of those who call Detroit home.

We hope that something on our site inspires you to get involved or stay involved and help make a meaningful impact that will resonate for generations to come!

Our Initiatives

The Genius Within



This STEM program was created with the understanding that children will learn and perform best in environments where they feel both supported and celebrated.  It is through this framework that a child’s excitement for and interest in learning will be sparked, and every facet of their academic life will be positively influenced.


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The Seven Villages of Detroit



Imagination, by its very nature, is defined by one’s ability to see beyond what is evident and to have vision for what is yet to materialize. It is the underpinning of all innovation, and it is the means through which we progress beyond our current state of being. If a new, more equitable Detroit is going to materialize, we must first have the eyes to envision it.

Let’s Imagine