The Seven Villages of Detroit



Let’s imagine for a moment a city with an authentically humane economy. One that  does not embody a “winner takes all” way of life but that promotes and preserves a healthy and rewarding interdependence among all.  Let’s imagine an economy with sustainable equity and perpetual progress.  Let’s imagine an economy that is inclusive and imbued with opportunities for all.  Imagine neighborhoods that are safe, clean, and beautiful, where people can walk to and from work and entrepreneurial opportunities abound.  Imagine negligible unemployment and underemployment and a school district that rivals any worldwide.  Imagine a population that is richly cultured, highly creative, deeply unified, and holistically involved. Now, let’s imagine that we are the builders of this city.


Detroit is a city under transformation, and every transformation is the result of someone’s idea.  Such phenomena are not levied by forces of nature, but by the opinions of people.  Now, we, as Detroiters, must make a choice.  Do we live and die by the idea that is being thrust upon us from the outside, or do we tap into our own imagination, backed by the determination, fortitude, and resilience of all who call Detroit home, and begin to, with our own minds and our hands, develop our own city?  Detroit’s legacy is fraught with innovation and ingenuity.  Detroit is now and will always be the city that moves the world.  But as Socrates stated long ago, “Let him who would move the world, first move himself.”  It is our time, Detroit, and the legacy we leave for generations to come is in our hands.


Stay tuned for news on the development of . . .Village ONE


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